Camping & Outdoor Equipment

Tent Extendable Frame Supported  2M :

• GBPL is a pioneer in the manufacturing of highly advanced expandable modular tent systems and has garnered a burgeoning market share in the supply of these tents in India.
• After first appearing during the Second World War, these Tents have through the years  evolved into Extendable Modular types that have become widely acknowledged the world over as the most practical alternative shelters in times of unrest.
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Tent Extendable Frame Supported  4M :

• Furthermore, Extendable Frame Supported Tents can today adapt many special requirements such as vehicle maintenance, field kitchens and mobile hospitals to the original standard modular tents.
• GBPL 2M and 4M Extendable Tents are sturdy and boast of a host of features.
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Tent Swiss Cottage :

This Tent consist of Fly Outer, Fly Inner, Side wall, Rear Wall & Front Chick Wall alongwith chick Parda.
All Flies composed of three Folds of Cloth throughout as per following serials :-
(1) Bleached Drill outside
(2) Blue Sheeting Thereafter.
(3) Buff Sheeting on Inner side.
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Tent Store :

The Tent made of Dosootie , consists of one Outer Fly, one Inner Fly and 6 walls.
OUTER FLY : The Outer Fly is 914 cm in length along with ridge and 1616 cm in length along the eaves. The breadth of the Outer Fly when pitched is 7020 mm. The Outer Fly consists of 2 quilted folds of dosootie , the outer fold being OG and the inner blue.
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Tent 80 Kg :

This tent is a double fly tent consisting of fly outer and fly inner . It is intended for use as temporary shelter or living accommodation for troops, housing, cooking wash house and as hospital ward etc. for 8 persons and in emergencies also. This tent consist of two fly and each fly consist of two layers of cloth strengthen by tape niwar and ropes. The quality of cloth may vary as per the buyer’s choice and usability.
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Tent Pvt.MK-3 :

• The Officers Tent or Private Wall Tent was probably the most versatile tent used during the Second World War. It was used as a medical station, officer’s quarter and command post, and in all, was one of the most utilized tent models in the war.
• Its modern variant retains its useful features and approximate dimensions and has many new attributes that make it one of the most useful tents in even present conditions.
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Tent Arctic Small :

• This type of Tent was first developed in the 1940s for protection in cold weather conditions.
• GBPL have fabricated this tent, keeping in view to accommodate Two Man utilized for cold /hot conditions.
• This Tent consists of Fly outer, Inner & Ground Sheet. Fly outer is made from Cloth Fabric Cotton Closely Woven 170 grms dual shade W.R.. This has one door & three windows
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Disaster Tents / Family Ridge Tents :

• Made Out Of natural Colour Water Proof Ployester Cotton Canvas Min 400 Gsm/Sq.Meter.
•Polyester Cotton, a synthetic Cotton Blended fibre Canvas – High in strength, waterproof along with Moth & Bacteria proof.
• Can Adapt Many special requirements such as spacious room, Mobile Hospitals, Field Kitchen, Office Set-ups, Storage & vehicle maintenance etc.
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