Tent 80 Kg
August 31, 2020
Tent Arctic Small
August 31, 2020

Tent Pvt. MK-3

•  The Officers Tent or Private Wall Tent was probably the most versatile tent used during the Second World War. It was used as a medical station, officer’s quarter and command post, and in all, was one of the most utilized tent models in the war.

•  Its modern variant retains its useful features and approximate dimensions and has many new attributes that make it one of the most useful tents in even present conditions.

•  Unlike other tents, this walled tent yields a large and entirely usable space.

•  Its Kanats (Walls) and Flies are well insulated and it is strong enough to withstand very harsh weather conditions.


•  Consists of 3 parts – Walls or Kanats, Outer Fly & Inner Fly.

•  Inner Fly is made of Dosootie to provide warmth.

•  Outer Fly is made of Duck Cotton strong enough to withstand the fiercest storms.

•  The Kanats (Walls) are made of quilted Dosootie to act as protection against cold breezes.

•  Netting is provided on the windows as prevention from mosquitoes.

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•  Tall height of walls for better headroom.

•  Large enough to support upto 10 men.

•  8 Windows for better cross-ventilation.

•  Doors on each side for quicker accessibility.

•  Single center pole for more usable floor area.


•  Outer Fly

•  Inner Fly

•  Iron/Wooden Pegs

•  Metal/Wooden Standing Pole

•  Metal/Wooden Wall Poles