Tent Extendable Frame Supported 2M
August 31, 2020
Tent Swiss Cottage
August 31, 2020

Tent Extendable Frame Supported 4M

GBPL is a pioneer in the manufacturing of highly advanced expandable modular tent systems and has garnered a burgeoning market share in the supply of these tents in India.

 After first appearing during the Second World War, these Tents have through the years evolved into Extendable Modular types that have become widely acknowledged the world over as the most practical alternative shelters in times of unrest.

 Owing to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and linking capability to build capacities as large as required, these tents have gained international acceptance by the defence forces of many nations.

 Furthermore, Extendable Frame Supported Tents can today adapt many special requirements such as vehicle maintenance, field kitchens and mobile hospitals to the original standard modular tents.

 GBPL 2M and 4M Extendable Tents are sturdy and boast of a host of features.


 Structures are made of Hard Aluminium Alloy Pipes and Aluminium Alloy Casted Joints.

 Attached Nylon cords secure the structures from all sides.

 TEFS consist mainly of three cloth components: The Outer Fly, Inner Fly & End Curtain.

 Can be extended in length (by 2.0m Increments).



S. No. Layer Material Used Features
1 Outer Fly Duck Cotton Water Resistant
2 Inner Fly (Inner Layer) Dosootie Softer Insulatior Material
3 End Curtain Duck Cotton & Dosootie Canvas Lined With Dosootie


 4M and 2M Tents can be linked to cover larger areas.

 Easy setup/strike Modular Frame System, made of Folding Aluminium, requires minimum Guy     Rope and Stakes for quick set-up.

 Can withstand extreme desert, tropical and moderate climates.

 The colour of the Outer Fly (olive green or khaki) is used to camouflage the Tents.


 Outer Fly

 Inner Liner

 End Curtain

 Cross Bracing

 Universal Aluminium Alloy Pole

 4-Way Aluminium Alloy Joint

 2-Way Aluminium Alloy Joint

 3-Way Aluminium Alloy Joint

 Small Carbon Pin

 Angel Pin


Type. No. of Person Length Width Tent Height Well Height Windows Windows Size Doors Door Size
in mtrs. in mtrs. in mtrs. in mtrs. in mtrs. in mtrs.
2M. 4 2.05 4.65 2.85 1.94 4 0.75×0.50 2 1.83×1.25
4M. 8 4.05 4.65 2.85 1.94 6 0.75×0.50 2 1.83×1.25