Tent Store

The Tent made of Dosootie , consists of one Outer Fly, one Inner Fly and 6 walls.


The Outer Fly is 914 cm in length along with ridge and 1616 cm in length along the eaves. The breadth of the Outer Fly when pitched is 7020 mm. The Outer Fly consists of 2 quilted folds of dosootie , the outer fold being OG and the inner blue.


The Inner Fly is 914 cm in length along the ridge and 1524 cm in length at the eave. The breadth of the Inner Fly when pitched is 610 cm. The Inner Fly consists of 2 quilted folds of Dosootie , the outer fold being blue and the inner Scoured.

WALLS (2 Corners, 2 Left and 2 Right)

Each wall is 814 cm long and 213 cm high.


Tent is packed in 5 Bundles (1No.Inner Fly in 1 Bundle ,1No.Outer Fly in 1 Bundle, 2Nos.Walls Corner Right in 1 Bundle,2Nos.Walls Corner Left In 1 Bundle,2 Side Walls in 1 Bundle). One Unit (Bundle) is wrapped with an inner layer of Polythene and Cloth Hessian to form a complete bale of rectangular shape as far as possible. The packing can be done as per specific requirement of the customer also.