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September 7, 2020
Coat Combat
September 7, 2020

Net Camouflage

Net(s) Camouflage Garnished Synthetic for Visual & IR Specification

INTRODUCTION: For special operation forces, snipers and forward observers operating in high risk areas; remaining undetected can spell the difference between mission success and failure. The SCN Systems are a form of concealment whose main function is to reduce the risk of detection through reduction in the performance of hostile surveillance and acquisition devices, in visible & NIR region.

• Both Side PVC Coated Nylon Fabric of Various Shades.
• Net Nylon Twine.
• Cord Nylon Braided 4 mm.
• Nylon Clips

• Customised Size and shape.
• Available in various combinations for Desert, Jungle and Snow Bound Area.

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Garnish Physical Prop (PVC) Coated :
• Crease Free.
• Uniform Size.
• Dual Side same Shade.
• Anti Fade Stability: Least 4 years continuous use.
• Water Absorption: Not more than 5-10 %
• Air Permeability of Garnish: No air passes from weaved fabric to disallow pocket for bacterial and fungus infection.
• Coated Chemicals: UV stabilized, anti fungus, anti bacterial, Anti Termite, Water Resistant, Moderate Fire Retardant.
• Camo Colour Shade and Pattern  Percentage: For Green Belt Area:- (i) Olive Green 33.33 % (ii) Light Green 33.33 % (iii) Dark brow n 33.33 %.
For Desert Terrain:- (i) Light Green 20 % (ii) Sand Colour 50 % (iii) Dark Brown 15 % (iv) Olive green 15 %
• Nylon Braided Cords.