Company Profile

Sustainability and the spirit of giving back to society is our core philosophy. We are always looking to create a win-win situation with all our stakeholders. Corporative citizenship is strongly embedded in our DNA.

We are constantly transforming the Indian armed forces supply industry landscape by offering outdoor shelters in the form of tents such as tent extendable frame supported (2M & 4M) , tent Swiss cottage, tent store, tent 80 kg, tent pvt-mk-3, tent arctic small, tent 50 kg, tent 20 kg, Disaster tents & Desert tents. Our range of products also includes bags such as kit bag universal etc.We expertise in providing waterproof, fire retardant textile products to domestic and foreign customers.

Our main clients are the Indian army, paramilitary forces, state police, disaster rescue forces & other institutional organizations.

We look forward to test our limited line of products with overseas consumers, which may include institutional or non-institutional orders.