Light Weight Sleeping Bag – MHA
August 27, 2020
NDRF – Sleeping Bag
August 27, 2020

Sleeping Bag MK 4 JSS Specification

Product Details :

Specification Name Values Allowed Values
Governing Specification Conforming to Joint Services Specification No JSS-8465-25:2013, Revision No 2 for Bag Sleeping MK -4, available at Directorate of Standardisation, Department of Defence Production and Supplies, Ministry of Defence, ‘H’ Block, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi- 110011. *
Description of Item Bag Sleeping MK-4 Complete Bag Sleeping MK-4 Complete
Size Large Medium, Large, Extra Large
Length 1850 mm (for Large size) 1730 mm (for medium size), 1850 mm (for Large size), 1980 mm (for Extra Large Size)
Width at the shoulder 840 mm (for Large size) 790 mm (for medium size), 840 mm (for Large size), 990 mm (for Extra Large Size)
Total Mass of Bag Sleeping Complete 4960 gm (for Large size) 4200 gm (for medium size) , 4960 gm (for Large size), 5750 gm (for Extra Large size)
Mass of Kapok Filling in Main Body ( Outer ) 2550 gm (for Large size) 2040 gm (for medium size), 2550 gm (for Large size), 2950 gm (for Extra Large size)